Saturday, 23 January 2016

Benefits Of Software Testing


Software testing is the process of detecting faults in a product before it is released and becomes operational. Although there is a lack of understanding about its importance in a software development cycle, the value it can bring to a product cannot be denied. It not only caters to the quality needs of software but also acts as an influencer in making certain crucial business decisions. It can prove costly for an organisation but can also prove beneficial in many respects.

  1. Since software testing helps in identifying and fixing bugs before the software becomes operational, the risk of failure can be reduced considerably. Once live operations begin, the cost can go haywire and fixing bugs at that point can be damaging to the entire software.

  2. Any software does not necessarily work alone. Sometimes it has to integrate and function with other existing legacy systems, as need be. In such cases software testing gives a much needed assurance that it will work suitably and its performance won’t get affected due to the integration.

  3. Software testing is carried out keeping the end user in mind. With a foresight for the scenarios that the end user will possibly face, tests are carried out and their accuracy and efficiency are duly noted for any discrepancies. Hence, it is assured that the end users, for who the solution is designed, will be able to productively operate it.

  4. Software testing is a part of the software development process. It performs a root cause analysis for which helps in making it more efficient. Possible areas of software development are detected for their improvement.

  5. Creation of defect reports, and other metrics and jotting down their results is done through software testing. These help the Project Managers for preparing progress reports, and extrapolating the hardware requirements in future and the defect in the code can be fixed by the developers.

  6. Creation of software is a business deal, the requirements for which are clearly chalked out. The software needs to cater to the client’s needs perfectly. Software testing offers proof that it meets the necessary business requirements. 
  7. While too much testing can lead to cost-escalation, delays and loss of business to competitors, minimisation of text execution duration and maximum value addition can be achieved by using the test activities optimally.

  8. Although expensive, automated testing is fast developing and used since automation software can be upgraded and reused easily, and can be used for future scenarios of testing.

  9. In case of regression testing, the testing process is generally very time-consuming and tedious. In such cases manual testing can be replaced by automated testing. It is not only efficient and consistent; it can also be used for user environment simulation.

  10. Reliability of software can be measured by certification or its conformation with any set technical standard. This helps in creating confidence and a healthy business relationship.

Software testing can be of great advantage if used optimally and by maintaining the right balance.