Saturday, 19 December 2015

Scope of Software testing in career
Whether you belong to the software industry or not, software testing is the term each and every individual has heard abo
ut. You can definitely attribute it to the implication and importance of the term in the industry. Many beginners as well as experienced individuals are pursuing the course of software testing so as to reach new heights in their career. However, before starting with any new course or syllabus, it is best to have a comprehensive knowledge about it, so as to guide you with the same.
What is software testing?
Software testing is the procedure with the aid of which the tester provides information with regards to the quality or service which is being tested. It at the same time aids in finding out any software bugs or errors which will otherwise be harmful. It provides knowledge about a particular program whether it will be useful after implementation or not as well.
What are the objectives of software testing?
Software testing is pursued in order to ensure the following:-
  1. Whether particular software is in accordance with the design and development it is being formulated for.
  2. Its response to the various inputs.
  3. Is it functioning at the appropriate time or not?
  4. Whether it can be utilized in a particular environment or not.
  5. Achievability of optimum results.
Type of testing
There are basically two types of testing, manual testing and automation testing.
Manual testing- Manual testing does not involve any sort of automation tools or scripts. In this type of testing the tester tries to identify a bug or some unexpected behavior of the software by behaving like an end user. The methodologies used for manual testing involves test cases, test scenarios or even the test plans to proceed with the testing procedure. The various stages of manual testing include unit testing, integration testing, system testing and user acceptance testing.
Automation testing- Automation testing involves the procedure wherein the tester utilizes another software to test a particular product. It involves automation of a manual procedure. With the aid of automation testing accuracy can be enhanced. It is more cost effective and time effective as compared to the manual method of testing.
Scope in career
Those of you who are pursuing the software testing course or syllabus as an option are definitely on the appropriate track. You can reach out to the following positions once you have proved your mettle amongst the lot:-
  1. You can initiate your career as a test engineer, later move to senior test engineer and finally the position of Quality Assurance Manager in your software company.
  2. There are the Quality centers of top notch companies which require software testers for functional, performance and security testing tools.
  3. You can also pursue careers as SOA testers or Security testers.
Hence go ahead with the software testing and make your mark in the software world.