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Selenium Training Institutes and Training Centers at Karve Nagar in Pune

Selenium Training

Selenium Training With the aid of Selenium test automation the software user is able to control the administration of tests. It is also used to compare the real outcome with the envisioned outcome. It is utilized to establish the preconditions of tests with the aid of Selenium Training.


  • The tests are performed are highly dependable.
  • The tests are performed are highly precise and can be learnt with the aid of Selenium Online Training.
  • It is also programmable and hence with the help of the tests perform you can easily program the most difficult tests.
  • It has a comprehensive approach which implies that it can be used for every feature sin the application when learnt with the aid of Selenium Training Online.
  • You can use the tests time and again to get good results, better quality and faster.
  • It is a cost effective and customized procedure.

Aims associated with Selenium education

  • Understanding the salient attributes of Selenium IDE with Online Selenium Training.
  • Recording and running the test cases in Selenium.
  • With the aid of locators identifying objects in Selenium.
  • Understanding the type and significance of locators by studying with Selenium training in pune.
  • Fabrication and installation of Selenium core and its utilization by Selenium Training pune.
  • Understanding the Selenium Remote control and installation and execution of the remote control test.
  • Understanding the Selenium test feature web driver, significance and execution methodology of web driver test in eclipse IDE.
  • Utilization of web drivers in understanding the execution of test cases.
  • Creating a Selenium grid.
  • Understanding the significance of test- NG and execution of J- Unit tests.
  • Understanding the Selenium frameworks with the help of Selenium training courses.

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